Non-GM Policy

Non GM Policy Veteran LightAs a matter of policy, Allen & Page has taken a positive attitude towards producing feed which only includes non-genetically modified ingredients (Non-GM).

Non-GM Ingredients
To be able to offer you the very highest standard of feed we do all that we can to ensure that all the ingredients used are grown from seed which is not genetically modified (Non-GM). Although no crops can be guaranteed to be completely GM free, we go one step further than most and only ever use Hard IP ingredients – this means that the crops are grown from Non-GM seeds in a protected area away from any GM crops, which helps to avoid possible contamination. The alternative and more commonly used Soft IP (FEMAS), could contain almost one tonne of GM contamination in every 100 tonnes of ingredient! (IP means Identity Preserved – i.e. not contaminated)

Our quality assured mill is ISO9001 Approved, UFAS Feed Assured, Soil Association Licensed and Vegetarian Society Approved.